Places That Are Gone

There must be other places where the past is present, right?

Boston, Virginia. They venerate their ancestors, worship what's been. What I loved about this tip was that 500 or 600 Italian Americans were going to be gathering in the Northeast on Saturday to bring back the days when they lived next door to each other in the Little Italy that grew up around 6th and Pike

I did not know there was a Little Italy around 6th and Pike. But a tour with two Joes and a some useful maps of what was where helps bring back the days of the Egg Lady and 10-cent matinees, alley way crap games and guys with names like Ba Ba and Baccala. They settled around the turn of the century. The pulled up stakes by the '70s. But if you look, much evidence remains.

Todays's metro column tries to stir the spirit of a place that is gone only in reality.