Parx, SugarHouse Casino ads are more than meets the eye

Coming Sunday: A column about a most intriguing art exhibit inspired by real-life gamblers at SugarHouse Casino.

The painter, Mat Tomezsko, told me he found inspiration both in the faces of the players and the casino's incessantly upbeat advertising.

Wonder what he'd think of this (new?) doozy from the competition at Parx Casino?

As much as I've beaten that place up over the years, I gotta say: The spot is genius. It plays off the cold reality -- you are way more likely to bump into schlumpy suburban Dads in Dockers than Playboy Bunnies when gambling at one of these low-roller convenience casinos -- in a cheeky, winking way.

Bravo, Parx. Now how about doing something about the smoke?

-- Monica Yant Kinney