The night was gay


As America turned Barack blue on Tuesday, five states went gay in a big way: Voters in MarylandMaine and Washington said yes to marriage equality,  Minnesota rejected a ban on same-sex nuptials, and Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate.

Baldwin, who will be the first openly gay person to serve in the Senate, made history. Also historic: The tri-fecta of state victories, which undercut the far right's claim that same-sex marriage is ballot box-office poison -- and could conceivably provide traction for Chris Christie's tactically shrewd call earlier this year for such a referendum in New Jersey.

Tuesday offered other delights; Missouri's rejection of that supposed rape expert, Todd Akin, and re-embrace of Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Massachusetts' decision to dump Sen. Scott Brown for Elizabeth Warren.

But as the night wore on, perhaps the finest entertainment could be found amid the increasingly funereal atmosphere on Fox News.

With Obama's impending victory becoming increasingly clear, Karl Rove dithered frantically about imminent returns from obscure Ohio hamlets. His smugness soon dissipated into a desperation so abject that old pro Megyn Kelly seemed overjoyed to walk off the set to the fair and balanced network’s “Decision Room,” where professionals still conversant with reality confirmed the worst.

Arguably, the only news personality having a bumpier night than Rove was Diane Sawyer, whose apparent on-air impairment was more alarming than amusing.

Speaking of which, let’s also remember that Obama’s victory means four more years… of David Axelrod’s brushy little porn ‘stache.