Sex and sequins

I gotta admit, a Mummers clubhouse is one of the last places I expected Philadelphia police to break up a sex party.  I know these guys are macho Eagles fans and roofers in real life, but the feathers, sequins, makeup and stench of booze hardly adds up to much of a seduction scene.

I have covered Mummers, watched them prance, preen, pee and puke in public. I know many locals find them deeply endearing and wildly entertaining. I've never heard a single woman say she's turned on in the slightest by Mummery.

But money talks. Sexual service was apparently prompt and plentiful inside the Downtowners Fancy Brigade's building at 2nd and Synder Streets. Police are still sorting out the details after Tuesday night's prostitution bust, but at least two of the club's "executives" were present. 

Undercover vice cops report being solicited by 10 women in various states of undress. What, the boys wouldn't share their costumes?

-- Monica Yant Kinney


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