Obama video hypesters fail

Some of my Republican friends are waxing ecstatic on Facebook and elsewhere over a 2007 video EXPOSING Barack Obama as someone who sounds right at home before an audience of African American ministers (gasp!).

Breathlessly/hopefully hyped Tuesday by Sean Hannity and other Mitt Romney campaign auxiliaries, the clip UNCOVERS Obama -- then a freshman Senator from Illinois -- praising God (OMG!) and calling on communities to heal their own wounds (outrageous!).

The fast-fizzling would-be uproar fomented by Tucker Carlson and other Republican campaign  surrogates is as phony as the recent nonsense about Romney supposedly dyeing his face  to prepare for an appearance before a Hispanic TV audience.

It's as fake as the notion that a YouTube clip of Romney awkwardly getting down with some black kids -- and inexplicably quoting the novelty song “Who let the dogs out” -- somehow UNMASKS him as a racist.

Nevertheless, some conservatives seem eager, if not desperate, to equate the Obama video with Romney’s calamitous “47 percent” clip, in which he cavalierly wrote off nearly half the electorate as whiny deadbeats while addressing an audience of his fellow plutocrats.

Here's the difference: Romney's vid continues to make headlines because of what he said.

Not the style with which he said it.