Obama and the Okey-Doke

I can't believe Barack Obama fell for the old okey-doke.

Did he honestly think that by releasing his birth certificate, Donald Trump -- or any other birther for that matter -- would suddenly stop with their  claims of the president's non-citizenship?

Sorry Mr. President, but that's about as likely as Trump having a natural part.

It's going to take more than an official birth certificate for doubters to see the legitimacy in this president. If he used a good bleaching cream, maybe....

Well, somebody had to say it. 

Why else do you think the birther movement won't let go, despite all evidence to the contrary? It's the same reason why a troubling percentage of Americans continue to insist the President is Muslim. It's simply code for what they dare not say -- that they're still uncomfortable with a  black man as president of the United States.

But they dare not say the truth, for fear of being branded racist. So they couch it in birther nonsense, or zenophobic  rhetoric.

Post-racial? We're probably further away from an aspirational racial nirvana than we were before President Obama's election.

Meanwhile, Trump is continuing to plant seeds of doubt by questioning the president's Ivy League scholarship. If Obama caves and releases his official transcripts, I'm done.