Obama: Give me just a little more time

At the Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton made a better case for re-electing Barack Obama than the president himself.

Michelle Obama was better, period.

Joe Biden was nearly endearing; Jennifer Granholm almost exceeded the decibels, if not the octaves, of Howard Dean’s scream; and John Kerry (yes, that John Kerry) wittily swift-boated Mitt.

Most memorably, as she led the Charlotte crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Gabby Giffords showed us all what American exceptionalism actually looks like.

But while the president had some tough acts to follow, apparently the last three and a half years were the toughest.

That's the impression left by his closing-night speech.

Expertly delivered and occasionally affecting, it was not a game-changer.

It was a polite request for...patience.