No sale for child 'sex dolls'

Kelly Master's campaign against a sex toy for pedophiles seems to have paid off.

A Collingswood, NJ mother of five whose Dining for Dignity organization fights human trafficking, Master used Twitter and Facebook to rally protests against the online Chinese retailer of what was promoted as a "cheap beautiful young girl sex doll for men." Each doll cost $178.

The distributor,, has agreed to remove the item from its website; the campaign has generated coverage in print and online media, including the Huffington Post UK.

"These dolls are outrageous and unacceptable," says Master, who became aware of a separate online petition campaign against the products last week.  "A petition can take a year," she adds. "I thought, 'let's do a blitz on social media."

Morris Wong, director of customer relationship management, told Master via email that DHgate "is against the selling of products that promote pedophilia. Product listings for ‘childlike sex dolls’ have been removed as of today...We are working to ensure this does not happen again."

Says Master, "they (DGgate) got slammed on social media, and it got their attention. I didn’t know 99 per of the people who jumped on was a community event. It was teamwork."