Mumford's view of Camden

That fab foursome known as Mumford & Sons uses  the Camden Waterfront as an artsy video setting for their new single, "Whispers in the Dark."

"There’s somethin’ a little different this time, with a concept concocted by the band in conjunction with director Jim Canty and featuring all four,'  says an item about the video on the official Mumford website. "It was shot in Camden, New Jersey during their recent East Coast US Tour and also features some other familiar faces."

The song may be a tad subdued by the British quartet's anthemic standards, but it's got the bromantic bombast and earnest uplift that have made them global stars. And while the nightscapes on the four-quadrant screen roll by so fast and furiously that focusing is difficult,  they do offer recognizable glimpses of the Battleship New Jersey, the Ben Franklin Bridge and Delaware Avenue.

The gritty glitz of  the "Whispers in the Dark" video is every bit as Camden as, say,  the ruin porn served up last week by NBC's Brian Williams.

Bravo, Mumford.