Mayoral Matters?

I was nearly asleep last night when my iPhone lit up with an urgent message: Michael Nutter wanted to share his thoughts on the debt ceiling.

Or, rather, the Mayor wanted to share his thoughts on President Obama's thoughts about the debt ceiling; namely, that Obama would like to punt Congressional Republicans through the White House roof for refusing to see this crisis his way.

Before I even opened the email I felt bad for the City Hall staffers who had to stay late to write it. Their jobs are hard enough as it is. Surely, Philadelphia has enough home-grown problems to keep them busy. Why must the Mayor comment on issues like a prime-time presidential address?

"Tonight President Obama laid out very clearly and powerfully the consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling and deal with our deficit in a long-term, balanced manner," Nutter opined. "The fact that we have reached a point where the President of the United States needs to make such a statement is simply stunning."

"Much damage has already been done by this protracted failure to act in Washington D.C as the American people - and the rest of the world - look on in disbelief. .... It's time for Congress to act now, reach a compromise with President Obama, and remember just who they are there to serve - the American people."

My esteemed Daily News colleague John Baer explored this phenomenon recently in a column wondering aloud whether Nutter may firing up the megaphone to lobby for a job in the Obama administration.  Would certainly explain the appearances on "Meet the Press," "Hardball" and Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC. Not to mention the uptick in electronic statements on issues far beyond Nutter's control.

-- Monica Yant Kinney