May I please be excused?

Here’s great news for anyone who’s under arrest and also needs to use the potty at the Cherry Hill, NJ police station.

From now on, even fewer of your parts will be visible to surveillance cameras – and then, only in certain, well-marked parts of the bathroom.


The changes in station house security stem from the 2009 arrest of a drunk-driving suspect who sued after discovering her bathroom break had automatically been recorded.

Under a federal court settlement announced Wednesday, Philadelphia resident Gretchen Winterbottom – who refused a breathalyzer and later pleaded guilty to a DUI charge -- gets $7,000 as well as compensation for $31,000 in legal costs.

So next time you’re drunk, under arrest and can’t hold it in your Cherry Hill holding cell, rest assured that if you use the rest room, the video camera is not only protecting public safety.

It’s protecting your privacy, too!