Madonna: Not the definition of irony

Madonna's lame claim that she was being "ironic" in describing President Obama as
"a black Muslim in the White House" reminded me of another entertainer in need of a dictionary.

Although far more talented musically and likely wittier than famously humorless Madge, Alanis Morissette revealed a similar lack of definition in her Grammy nominated 1995 hit "Ironic," which she co-wrote.

The Canadian popstar turned American punk scenester, whose latest tour includes an October 20 appearance at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, described irony as "like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife," an occurrence that, while surely irritating (if not preposterous), is certainly not ironic.

By the way, Madonna, whose over-indulgence in plastic surgery has her looking more and more like Mae West, is an Obama supporter. Not so another aging entertainer, former Saturday Night Live starlet Victoria Jackson, whose videos include "There's a Communist Living in the White House."