MOVE responds to interview request

Alberta Africa talking in 2002 about a government conspiracy against MOVE as a possible reason for John Gilbride's death.

In the interest of transparency, I am posting the entire 790-word email I received Friday night from a sender purporting to be from the MOVE organization. The email arrived a week after I left a letter for MOVE matriarch Alberta Africa asking to speak with her and her teenage son, Zack, about the 10-year anniversary of the murder of his father, Africa's ex-husband, John Gilbride. The first of two columns on the case Sunday.

(Please note: This email is reprinted exactly as received, complete with typographical and grammatical errors.)

The Move Organization got your letter. How much is the gov. and the Gilbrides
paying you for this new assault on Alberta Africa and her child? You think weʼre stupid,
we know what youʼre trying to do. You think she raised her child to be alienated from
his father and his fatherʼs family, but youʼre wrong; which is no surprise, you been, and
still are wrong about a lot of things when it comes to Alberta Africa. You donʼt think itʼs
people like you, the courts and the Gilbrides whoʼs to blame for anything wrong that
would cause alienation in her child, do you? Thatʼs your typical racist, bigoted, superior
attitude, and you are a racist. You want to assume the worse when it comes to Alberta
as a mother just because sheʼs black. You ainʼt got no sense of fairness or equality: if it
ainʼt white, it ainʼt right. Right Monica?

All yʼall been waiting for Albertaʼs son to grow up, so, as you see it, heʼd be able to
speak for himself, as you claim; but we know better. We know it would be you doing the
dictating to him, pushing him to do things your way that ainʼt got nothing to do with his
interests (just like yʼall did to his father). You want to be able to control him, lure him
away from Move and misuse him for your own designs. Thatʼs why you wrote that letter
to Alberta, you trying to set the stage for your dirty work and you so full of yourself you
think you can get past Move, think we wonʼt see through your lies and deceit. You think
you gonna get your hands on this young boy and trick his mind up, convince him to
leave his mother, his home and follow your influence. Who the hell do you think you

Why is it so important to you anyway for Albertaʼs son, not your son, Albertaʼs son to
know about his father. What do you know about Albertaʼs son, his life, how heʼs being
raised. What makes you think he donʼt know about his father, and why the hell are you
hallucinating that he needs you, of all people, to tell him about his father. What
credentials do you have: did you know John Gilbride personally? Was he your
husband, is his son your son, did you live in his sonʼs home while the child was growing
up.....No you didnʼt. In fact, you donʼt know anything at all because you donʼt know
John, Alberta or their son, and thatʼs the truth! Youʼre just proving our point that you got
a sneaky, underhanded agenda here, and it ainʼt got nothing to do with this childʼs
interests. This whole thing is just another approach, mimicking the custody case of
1998. All these years, and here you are in 2012 still trying to mess with this childʼs life;
like you didnʼt mess with him enough when he was a baby, in 1998. You ainʼt gonna get
away with it though, nothings changed, you didnʼt get away with it then and you wonʼt
get away with it now.

You like a damn terminator, a monster....but understand this: Move donʼt never back
down or give up. We always on guard to keep our family protected.
If this situation with you people trying to take this child away from his family wasnʼt so
serious, that nonsense you wrote Alberta would be ludicrous! You donʼt know nothing
about how this child was raised and you donʼt know nothing about how he feels about
his father; and further more, it ainʼt none of your damn business how he feels about his
father. You need to be more concerned about how your child feels about you. You
need to get a life. You donʼt care nothing about Albertaʼs child and you know it. You
donʼt even care about your own child; if you did youʼd be occupied with your child and
not preoccupied with meddling in Albert Africaʼs childʼs life. For real, you just trying to
do a job you been paid to do, but you need to back off and crawl back in that hole you
slithered out of.

Youʼre a pathetic person. You ainʼt no real woman; a real woman would never try to
hurt a child, under no circumstances, but you!? You ainʼt got no compunction.
Despite all your so call credentials and your superficial posturing as a so call decent,
respectable woman and mother, you ainʼt really nothing but a loser Monica. Itʼs sad but
itʼs your problem and Move didnʼt cause it, so stop spitting it on us.

Ona Move
The Move Organization
“The power of truth is final
Long Live John Africa”


-- Monica Yant Kinney