Lincoln Did Not Speak Here Then

AAA World Magazine just had a senior moment.

This morning, the travel publication admitted a goof that mentioned Abraham Lincoln delivering a "1964 speech" in Philadelphia. The reference appeared in the "Ghost Fields" feature in the July/August edition. The actual date of the speech? June 16, 1864.

Nice to see even travel buffs read closely. The error was spotted by an online commenter who snarked, "I don’t think that Abraham Lincoln was saying much of anything on June 16, 1964.”

At least the travel gods had a sense of humor about it. The group's Facebook mouthpiece replied,  “Maybe it was Lincoln’s ghost who spoke in 1964! ” Magazine editors also joked about their untimely typo:

Many of you noticed a slight error in our July/August feature, Ghost Fields, where we suggested that President Lincoln delivered a speech in Philadelphia on June 16, 1964. The actual date of the president’s speech was June 16, 1864. Of course, everybody knows that Abe was touring with the Beatles in 1964  ... Needless to say, we’re truly embarrassed. We apologize.


-- Monica Yant Kinney


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