Light reading?

In preparing for Sunday's column - a chat with former N.J. Gov. Dick Codey about his new memoir - I took a glance at all the books on Jerseyana lining the desk I still occasionally sit at in our Cherry Hill bureau.

What titles! "The Confession" (by that cloying self-made mess Jim McGreevey), "Silent Partner" (by the vengeful ex of said mess), "The Jersey Devil" (about Pinelands demons real or imagined) and "Shakedown," as succinct a summation as any of political life in the Garden State.

Codey's entry in the Jersey genre, "Me, Governor?" aptly captures the shock and awe of a veteran legislator landing in the big office after McGreevey dropped his sexual bomb. But the title is not exactly what Codey had in mind, he tells me: "I wanted McGreevey's Gay and I'm the Governor!" Now that would have jumped off the shelves.

-- Monica Yant Kinney

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