Keep talking about Bancroft, Borden says

In Haddonfield, NJ,  prospective Bancroft property buyers -- also known as voters -- have spoken.

So has the seller , a venerable school for developmentally disabled students.

But borough commissioner Ed Borden suggests a public conversation ought to continue.

"I have no reason to believe that Bancroft’s position is anything other than what they said…that [the school is] going to stay, improve and expand," he tells me. "I just believe I have an obligation to see if there is any possibility of any sort of agreement that could still be reached. What that would look like, I can’t tell you. The commissioners haven’t discussed it. I’m only speaking for myself."

Borden, an attorney and former Camden County prosecutor, also says that while he "respects the referendum" Tuesday -- in which voters said no to a school board plan to purchase the 19.2-acre site for $12.5 million -- the results "do leave open a number of things to discuss."

The 2,387 - 2,136 vote "was close," he notes. "But it was against that price, and those terms, [for] the entire property."