It Got Better

Professional sports and homophobia have a long, icky history, so props to the Phillies for joining the vaunted "It Gets Better" video campaign started by syndicated columnist Dan Savage to combat depression and suicide among tormented teens -- many of them gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

There's nothing easy about being young, about being yourself, about being an individual, the video opens. But something you should never experience is being bullied, intimidated or pressured to be someone or something you're not.

The Phillies trumpeted the announcement in July, becoming just the seventh team in pro sports to speak up for kids often pummeled by jocks. Young people have a lifelong Phillies fan named Jerome Hunt to thank -- he got the proverbial ball rolling with a petition signed by more than 2,000 people.

The video features Roy Halladay, John Mayberry, Hunter Pence, Mike Stutes and Chase Utley. Great lineup, great message.


-- Monica Yant Kinney