Friday, August 1, 2014
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I'm shocked, shocked

'Jersey Shore' isn't real?

I'm shocked, shocked

As busted bubbles go, what could be more deflating than the latest dish from Florence?

On-scene gossip has it that Jersey Shore isn’t much of a “reality” show after all .

As The Daily Beast reports, Snooki and her gang of dullards never have a dull moment because their big moments -- possibly including Ms. Polizzi’s most recent car “crash” – appear to be scripted, directed, orchestrated…in other words, as “enhanced” as the fake-and-bake body parts that are the show’s real stars.

And here you thought Jersey Shore was a documentary, an insightful examination of the aimless meanderings of a brainless bunch of fame addicts.

Oh wait: That was the Palin family vacation.

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