'I Went to Princeton, -----'


Although readers of this blog might be forgiven for thinking otherwise, New Jersey does have universities other than Rutgers and Rowan.

So let’s take a brief break this morning from the never-ending Rut-Row saga for some fun with Nikki Muller, Princeton '05.

The multi-platform performer's sassy, savvy (and be warned, salty) video satire of  male discomfort with Ivy League-educated females has made her the YouTube diva du jour.

"Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton, -----") finds Muller, who also earned an MFA from Harvard,  facing down a pompous/clueless Wharton dude while on a date. He assumes she's a graduate of Rutgers, which he patronizingly refers to as a "fun" school.

And then she stands up and lets fly some raptastic rhymes:

"You get intimidated when you learn my school?/Well you should! Cos I'm smarter than you!"

 The video also riffs on the fact that Muller and the First Lady have similar educational credentials:

"And I got a lot in common with Michelle Obama/These brains, these arms and our alma mater."

But "Ivy League Hustle" also points out that during the term of Ms. Obama's husband, the economy has failed to produce much in the way of jobs -- even for eager Ivy Leaguers.

"Yeah, you know they always tell me that knowledge was power/ So how come I can't make more than $14 an hour."

You go, girl.