Hitting bottom

The mug shots of Blake Bills and Shayna Sykes are even more revealing than the now-infamous photo the couple posted online sometime before a three-day crime spree and two-state joy ride landed them in jail.

Their smiles and her cleavage have been replaced by the blank, beaten-down faces of drug addicts having the    hangover from hell.

An apparently smack-fueled escapade by the two 20-somethings from Lehigh County, Pa. included stealing two police cars and mowing down a Camden patrolman, authorities say.  

Cute photos on Facebook notwithstanding -- the couple are the proud parents of an infant -- Bills and Sykes aren't some hip new version of Bonnie and Clyde. They're young people with an awful disease.

Anyone who knows anyone with, or anything about, addiction (to booze, drugs, food, gambling, sex), knows all too well that chasing a high isn't a romantic endeavor. It's drudgery, and it's dangerous.

Which does not excuse bad behavior: If convicted, Bills and Sykes ought to be punished.

They ought to get help, too.