Have to believe we are magic

The suddenly re-united Democrats in the New Jersey legislature aren’t the only fantasists (see: proposed budget) making a list of wishes.

Gov. Chris Christie has a few, too.

Except that his fantasies have a way of coming true.

Consider Christie’s $200 million tax-break scheme for the Meadowlands mega-mall that’s now called American Dream.

An atrocious architectural hodgepodge formerly known as Xanadu, the proposed private pleasure dome will get a hefty public “incentive” thanks to Democrats whose votes helped propel the governor’s plan through both houses Wednesday.

Along with helping the American Dream developers, Christie’s measure – this part really is fantastic, astonishing, unbelievable -- will help New Jersey avoid providing folks who aren’t developers with places to live. You know, that other American dream.

The requirement that 20 percent of publicly subsidized Transit-Oriented Development projects in New Jersey be set aside for people of low and moderate incomes?

The very same legislation approved Wednesday will make it go away.

Just like the state’s Council on Affordable Housing.

The governor says he will make that disappear, too.