Great Minds Think Alike!

Spending the morning breathing hot air in City Hall, where City Council members continue to hear testimony and pontificate on whether to tax the hell out of Mountain Dew to keep Philadelphia children from having to hitchhike to their persistently dangerous and underperforming schools.

Nothing about the urban education crisis is remotely funny, but hats off to Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. for noticing the political equivalent of a desert oasis: Councilmen Bill Green and Jim Kenney agreeing on something. Specifically, that the Philadelphia School District has some nerve begging for $102 million given some of its questionable budget priorities.

"This," Jones marveled after the rivals acknowledged their consensus, "is scary!"

Feeling frisky as a lame duck, retiring Council President Anna Verna even chimed in: "You know it has to be right then."

-- Monica Yant Kinney

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