Gored Monday, he runs with the bulls Tuesday

Ari Deutsch, the Cherry Hill engineer who got gored by a bull Monday in Pamplona, was back running with the pack Tuesday.

Even the bandage wrapped around his right leg – where the animal’s horn went about .08 inches into the back of his calf – didn’t dissuade the married father of one from hitting the streets again.


“I was a little nervous, but I wanted to run,” Deutsch, whose mishap made international headlines, tells me by phone. “People who haven’t done it really don’t understand. We run as brothers with the herd. It’s a wonderful experience.”

Along his boyhood chum Peter Milligan, whom he calls his brother, Deutsch, 38, is in Pamplona for the annual San Fermin festival, in which men race through the streets where a herd of bulls rushes toward the ring.

He describes what happened Monday:

“I saw this black bull charging full steam towards where I was running…I tripped, and he was there. It was so fast. I remember falling down, and he put his head down to the ground. I was trying to slide under the fence to get away, but I guess he got my leg at that point. I could see his belly above my head.”

Deutsch felt the impact but did not realize he had been wounded until he lifted his leg, saw the rip in his pants and then the blood. “It hurt. It definitely hurt. They took me in an ambulance, they treated it, and cleaned it, and then at that point bandaged it up and sent me on my way.”

Milligan, 41, a Cherry Hill attorney and married father of two, did not witness the attack but became concerned when Deutsch failed to finish with the rest of the runners.

Milligan spoke to the police and other officials and later got a call at their hotel. “It was the hospital,” he says. “They told me, ‘your brother’s been gored.’ I guess they heard the panic in my voice, because they put him on the phone, and he said he was fine.

“it’s been a tremendous fiesta,” he adds. “It’s actually been a pretty safe year.

“Except for that one bull.”