Goodday Irene

So we're tucked inside our creekside home, surrounded by towering, ancient, soggy trees, and Irene is starting to drum her nails on our roof. Time to make a playlist.

Did this for Earl last summer, as we headed to the beach in his path. (Remarkably light traffic.) That called for the Youngbloods' "Speedo" ("but my real name is Mr. Earl.") All I've got by name is a Ry Cooder version of "Goodnight Miss Irene," but it's a little early for saying farewell.  What to welcome the hurricane?

Won't have the usual. No Neil Young doing "Hurricane," great as it is. You probably know that already. Aiming for stuff you might not have handy while the mood strikes and the power lasts.

1. "Pray for Rain," Massive Attack with Tunde Adebimpe.

2.  "You Look like Rain," Morphine.

3. "Lovin' Up a Storm, "Jerry Lee Lewis.

4. "Hurricanes & Hand Grenades," Jason Isbell

5. "Stormy," The Meters.

6. "Dodging the Wind," Joe Pug.

7. "More than Rain," Elvis Costello.

8. "Any Way The Wind Blows," The Mothers of Invention

9. "The Wind," Circus Maximus.

10. "Sometimes You've Got to Stop Chasing Rainbows," Doug Sahm

11. "Who'll Stop the Rain," CCR.

12. "Singing' In the Rain, " John Martyn

13. "Set Fire to the Rain," Adele.

14. "Rain," Gregg Allman.

15. "Raindrops Keep A Falling," El Pauling and Royal Abbit

16. "The Rains Came," Big Sambo and the House Wreckers

17. "Just Walkin' In the Rain,"  The Prisonaires.

18. "I Don't Need it to Rain," Tim Buckley

19. "Make it Rain," Tom Waits.

20. "Stormy Weather," Xiomara Alfaro.