Garrett Reid's struggle

To people unfamiliar with addiction, Garrett Reid’s apparent relapse may seem inexplicable, as well as heartbreaking.

The oldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid died Sunday after what looked like a solid run of clean-and-sober. But how long Garrett managed to stay off heroin isn’t the point, because, like alcoholics, addicts are never cured.

Personal commitment, faith, 12-Step programs and the support of loved ones surely make recovery possible for millions, even as the possibility of relapse endures. Forever.

It’s the nature of the beast, another reason people in recovery from alcoholism, addiction or both must remind ourselves to be grateful for every one-day-at-a-time reprieve from a chronic, and fatal, disease.

We know all too well that alcoholism and addiction are “cunning, baffling and powerful.”

Heartless, too.