Forget The Phanatic, Look At The Footwear!

So everyone's gushing about the Phillie Phanatic appearing on 30 Rock last night, speaking for the first time (!) and finally answering the age-old question about whether lady bits or boy parts are hiding under all that green fur.

I got a kick out of the Philly segment as much as the next viewer, but would be remiss for not pointing out the show's other regional shout-out. Look down, on Liz Lemon's feet. Yup, the TGS basket case wears Dansko clogs.

Lemon, like her real-life homegirl creator, sports Dansko black professionals. I've seen them before, but last night's episodes offered one of the better views after the character bent down to pick something off the floor.

What's the local connection, you ask? The comfort shoe company is based in Chester County -- specifically, West Grove, just off Route 1.

Unlike the Phanatic's costume, which I'm presuming is one-of-a-kind, you, too, can get Lemon's oh-so-practical look. I have the same shoes, in fact. The clogs can be found in most malls and at Dansko's swell company store.

-- Monica Yant Kinney