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Guesswho Right Wing News compiles the 10 Most Dangerous Democratic Candidates in 2008. Names like Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Edwards show up way lower than No. 3: Evan Bayh, the senator from Indiana said to be so popular he'd single-handedly turn his state from red to blue; No. 2: Bill Richardson, the moderate New Mexico governor; or No. 1: Guess who's No. 1?

Foobooz, a brand-new Philly blog celebrating cheap eats and beverages. (hat tip, Attytood) News of $1.90 Yards, new pool tables and restaurant.com deals.

Inky and Daily News owner-to-be Brian Tierney talks sports and other stuff on WIP-AM with Glen Macnow Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

D-Mac at Philadelphia Will Do has sniffed out another one: the greatest NBC10 slide show ever -- teacher, leave them kids alone. In order to nail down that Pink Floyd refrain, I wound up at something called ...

EricgreggThe Archive of Misheard Lyrics. You know they'll have things like scuse me while I kiss this guy. That's even built into the URL. A lot aren't that great, frankly. The ants are a-blowin' in the wind?

RIP Eric Gregg. Remembered by Phillies Nation not just as a plus-sized umpire with a generous strike zone, but for his next profession: the beer man at Chickie's & Pete's known to pass a pitcher on a special occasion. The West Philly native died Monday from a stroke suffered the day before.

Why is "Heather Mills," the next ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, the most-blogged-about creature of the blogosphere right now? It might be something about those photos that The Sun dug up. We give you a recent posting in GermanDutch, but you get the picture:

Heather Mills was pornoster Heather Mills is een voormalige pornoster. Dat meldt de Engelse tabloid The Sun. De krant publiceerde vandaag pornografische foto’s van Mills, die momenteel in scheiding ligt met Paul McCartney. Op de afbeeldingen verricht ze seksuele handelingen met een mannelijke pornoster. 

Posted 06/06/2006 11:25:30 AM

Rightwingers aren't scared of those guys... who they are scared of are moderate Democrats like Sen Bayh. And a moderate Demcorat who is wildly popular in a red state is even worse! The rightwingers cackle with glee when they see the liberal fundamentalists try to tear them down because they're the only ones they're truly afraid of.

Citizen Mom
Posted 06/06/2006 12:43:24 PM

Clearly, the best part of those Heather Mills photos are the little captions the Sun put under them. Day Whipper? bwwahahahaha

Ed Ward
Posted 06/07/2006 07:55:20 AM

Looks like you've forgotten your German; that's Dutch!

Daniel Rubin
Posted 06/07/2006 09:28:30 AM

so it is! It all looked to me like that old Harvard Lampoon sex issue.

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