Fire Away

Many of you have mocked previous posts about Occupy Philadelphia, chiding the protest for vague goals and questionable grooming habits. (You also made fun of Occupy Doylestown, but that was understandable. The angry suburbanites only displayed their rage for two hours before retreating to the comforts of home.)

Criticism is fair, but insight is vital. Now is your chance to ask the occupiers exactly who they are, what they want, why they need to sleep in tents outside City Hall to prove their point and how they're keeping clean in the great outdoors. will host a live chat with protest representatives today at 11 a.m. The discussion is sure to be lively, given plans for a 99-minute demonstration today (in support of fellow activists injured by police in Oakland, Calif.) and uncertainty about whether the Philadelphia contingent will honor plans to vacate Dilworth Plaza later this month.

Start planning your questions now and click here when you're reading to fire away.

- Monica Yant Kinney


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