Farewell Franken Tree

That Franken Tree in New Hope that I wrote about yesterday? The one that vandals cut down, but was resurrected by loving locals? Gone again.

This time, blame the borough.

Meshell Kimbel tends to the tree, which is outside her collectibles shop, God Save the Qweens, in New Hope.

Punk Rock Meshell Kimbel, owner of God Save The Qweens on West Mechanic Street, said she showed up for work this morning to find an orange cone covering a two-foot stump that used to be her hideously ugly, but well-loved shade tree.

Actually, it provided little shade, seeing that it was dead, but instead of leaves or fruit it bore a ghoulish assembly of fake severed hands and feet and skulls and other Halloweeny treats that seemed to go well with her punkish collectibles store.

Two weekends ago someone chopped down most of the tree and tossed it in the canal. Kimbal and friends put it back with boards and bolts, and soon friends came by bearing gifts to string from its reattached limbs.

No more.

Kimbel called the borough this morning and says she was told the severed tree was an insurance risk.

So they took it down.

Frank DeLuca, head of the shade tree commission, told me the plan is to put a nice light up where the late hawthorn tree was felled.

Until then, Kimbal and friends have turned the boards and bolts and little plastic body parts into a memorial, forming a cross out of two-by-fours. Nice.

Farewell Franken Tree.