Drop and Drive

The light turns red and you glance down to see that someone has called or emailed.

Don't touch that phone.

The Philadelphia police started handing out warning notices this weekend, warming up the wired to the new rules that take effect Dec. 1 and will cost you between $75 and $300 if you're using the phone while behind the wheel.


you've got a hands-free device.

you've pulled over to the side of the road and are not in gear.

you're a goverment official, doing business, and using the two-way radio.

The rules apply to skateboarders, in-line skaters, and bicyclists. Hands-free devices only.

Today's metro column goes into more detail. Already the e-mails have been interesting.

This came from someone's area-code 609 phone this morning. Please tell me they weren't driving.


It's gratifying to know that the distracted driver who kills me will be a bureaucrat on a 2-way radio. Priorities, right? Police, fire ok.