Drag and Dr. Seuss: A parent's view

The controversy about a drag performer whose invitation to read to kids at Haddonfield Child Care was rescinded has also inspired an email from a friend.

"I think it's a parent's responsibility [whether or when] to introduce cross-dressing and drag queens to their children," the Haddonfield mother of two writes.

"The families I know who use HCC are open-minded and probably wouldn't have a problem with [the 'Martha Graham Cracker' character]. However, it's their decision.

"My kids are exposed to all kinds of people, places, cultures and experiences...While they would be open and inquisitive about Martha, I'm not sure the other children would 'get' her.

"I know the people at HCC and the families who attend it and I am VERY unhappy about how they are portrayed. Maybe you can offer some balance?"