Oprah, are you listening?

Brenda Jones was angry. Angry! Angry at the cancer, angry at the oncologists who steered her toward chemo without explaining why. Angry at everything.

How nice, then, that her ire settled on such a worthy object: hospital gowns.

She hated them. They made her feel, small, cold, like a victim.

Her solution: learn to sew, and then turn out a series of kimonos - hug wraps, she calls them - that are as loud and colorful and playful  and wacky as they are soft and warm.

Frogs, pandas, elephants - all on flannel the color of Lifesavers..

She made a couple, gave them away, then made dozens more and gave them away.

I asked the Burlington County woman whether this might be a business for her, since the cancer made her fold up her pet care service.

"Oprah reads your paper, right?"

Who knows?

The song today's metro column suggested nearly woke me up this morning as it came to mind. Like butter.