Don't give up

I’d pretty much had it with Occupy.

The sloppiness, the incoherence, the colonization of the movement by people who ought to get off the street and into rehab -- big turnoffs for a middle-class, middle-aged suburbanite. Even a liberal one.

Then the cops moved in with all their power-ranger regalia, beating up unarmed American citizens in New York City, spraying peaceful protestors with chemicals in California.

A former poet laureate of the United States saw his wife knocked to the ground by thugs in uniform at Berkeley, home of the free speech movement.

Meanwhile, our purportedly liberal president, back from his latest tour and probably pondering his next exquisitely calibrated cave-in, has little if anything to say.

Conservatives, strenuously alert to real and imaginary excesses perpetrated against citizens by Big Government, have little to say either.

And our “super” bi-partisan deficit reduction committee -- that power-packed star chamber tasked with saving the nation from fiscal ruin -- is ready to give up.

Occupiers: Please don’t.