Dinosaur makes news

How comforting for a newspaper columnist to get not one, but two, press releases about a fellow  dinosaur. And in a single day!

Hadrosaurus foulkii -- a duck-billed vegetarian that lived in and around Haddonfield, NJ between 65 million and 136 million years ago -- is back in the news.

John Giannotti's handsome sculpture of "Haddy" has been named "Best of South Jersey" in a regional guide recently published by USA Today. The 16-foot downtown landmark constitutes a "hidden gem" in the newspaper's estimation; it's also a popular backdrop for photos.

And on February 2, artist Jason Poole will use chalk to create a lifesized likeness of "Haddy" to launch "Drawn to Dinosaurs: Hadrosaurus foulkii," a new exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences, in Philadelphia.

A nearly complete skeleton of a previously unknown dino species later named Hadrosaurus foulkii was excavated in Haddonfield in 1858. A decade later, it was displayed for the first time at the Academy, which is now part of Drexel University.