Cory Booker's rosey garden

The twinkling supernova of the Twitterverse otherwise known as Cory Booker is running a virtual U.S. Senate campaign.

So high has the Newark mayor ascended -- in polls as well as his own mind, apparently -- he can eschew the messy flesh-pressing and exposure to reporters (and other actual humans) typical of the unglamorous campaigns of more conventional candidates.

As my colleague Jon Tamari reports,  the Democratic front-runner hasn't done any real campaigning in New Jersey for more than a week. Nor was His Presence expected at any of the four "Booker for Senate" rallies scheduled for  Tuesday, one of which was to feature Cory fan and Gov. Deval Patrick, all the way from Massachusetts.

It seems Booker is suddenly busy being mayor of Newark; said duties will, happily, include a bi-partisan media  event Wednesday with fellow celeb Chris Christie, he of powers so grand (if not grandiose) he decreed an October  special Senate election so as not to diminish the spotlight he plans to command all by his humble self in November.

Meanwhile, Booker challenger/far-right warrior Steve Lonegan seems willing to go anywhere, including Booker's semi-home turf of Newark, in search of votes. Give the guy credit: He's got guts.

Sure, the GOP's supposedly hopeless hopeful also knows how to play it safe -- barring those pesky reporters from last weekend's South Jersey gun lovers love-in, for instance.

But disdain for bona fide campaigning may be one reason Booker's once-fabulous lead is fading.