Classic Lickettes

It's a beautiful thing, inarticulateness. My boss greets me in the parking, asks how my twins are doing, and I take several paces alongside of him before the words I can want can make their way to my lips.

The story was a rambling one, beginning with The Great Barrier Reef and Mohawks and laying out for Ultimate Frisbee before doubling back to a summer in San Francisco and a meeting with Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks, who happen to be coming to town on Friday.

So let's just cut to the video, from 1972 and the Flip Wilson Show. This is the classic Hot Licks, with Sid Page on strings and my favorite Lickettes, Naomi Eisenberg and Maryann Price, who was running around the Marin County house in a bathing suit if memory serves in the story I tell toward the end of today's metro column.