Christie's travels

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg is an old-school Jersey girl.

She simply wants to know where her big guy is going when he leaves home.

The Bergen County Democrat, to whom big guy Chris Christie suggested the media should "take a bat,"  wants to require Garden State governors to notify the legislature before venturing out of state on political business.

As one of the brightest stars in that dazzling galaxy of Republicans who might be president, Christie is on the road a lot, attending hush-hush conclaves hosted by petroleum poobahs and that sort of thing.

The governor also is ever-ready to deploy his family as a political human shield, proclaiming last week in Cherry Hill that he will never ask permission to take his wife to dinner in Manhattan.

Helping boost Christie’s narrative on NJ 101.5 radio Tuesday morning, the usually tough-minded Jim Gearhart nearly drowned in the snark tank, wondering whether “Senator Wind…Senator Weinberg” (so funny, I forgot to laugh!) wants a note when a governor needs to use the “potty.”

That’s not the point.

Weinberg says she respects a governor’s right to a private life, and that the public should do so as well.

But she also suggests the public ought to know when a governor -- whose salary we pay, and who works for us -- heads out of state on political business.

She’s right.


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