Christie's new acronym of acrimony

“OLS” is Chris Christie’s new least favorite acronym.

After gleefully bashing the NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) for years, the governor is making the state’s Office of Legislative Services his piñata of choice.

The sins of the studiously non-partisan OLS include telling Christie he can’t simply force a divorce of the state university system from Rutgers-Camden to facilitate his shotgun wedding of that campus and Rowan University.

Accustomed to getting what he wants when he wants it, the governor wants a review of the OLS ruling, presumably in time to salvage his ambitious/preposterous merger-mania deadline of July 1.

The OLS on Tuesday also had the temerity to suggest that Christie’s “Jersey Comeback” revenue projections -- crucial to his income tax-cut proposal -- are overly optimistic. By more than half a billion dollars.

This bit of disobedience drew a characteristically uncivil response from the governor, who proclaimed the OLS a "tool" of various, nefarious Democrats hoping to create "background noise" to distract the public from his festive Jersey Comeback promotions.

For good measure, he also pronounced the OLS revenue projections "DOA."

The acronym acrimony, while amusing, is nothing compared to the latest Christie-isms inspired by his  Rutgers-Rowan merger proposal. 

Three Democratic legislators with the gall to question his pet plan are akin to "pigs at the trough," he said Tuesday, two weeks after referring to a citizen who dared to interrupt one of his "town hall" performances as an "idiot."