Christie bans kiddie tans

While ambivalent about prohibiting "conversion" therapy for gay youth (read my recent column here), Chris Christie certainly knows where he stands about artificial tans for kids.

On Monday, New Jersey's Republican governor temporarily overcame his conservative reservations about state interference with parental prerogatives and boldly banned salon bronzes for under-17s.  The bill Christie signed also prohibits spray-tanning for children younger than 14.

Support for Trenton's latest nanny state legislation was fueled by a 2012 "only in New Jersey" spectacle starring Patricia Krentcil, the alarmingly fake-n-baked Nutley mom accused of allowing her little girl in a commercial tanning contraption. Kretncil, briefly the toast of the tabloids, was cleared of any charges in February.

As for the serious issue of whether Trenton should license practitioners/perpetrators of potentially harmful "reparative" therapy for gay minors -- which even Christie acknowledges doesn't work -- the governor worries about interfering with family...values.