Christie: NJEA is 'awful'

He was nice while it lasted.

After a brief detour to Cuddly-ville, Chris Christie got back to bullying his favorite bogeyman: The New Jersey Education Association.

The NJEA “is one of the most reprehensible organizations in the state,” the governor told an NJ-101.5 radio audience Tuesday evening. “They’re just awful.”

The week has otherwise been marked by what my colleague Monica Yant Kinney called a seemingly “softer” approach to education reform on the part of the often-bombastic Christie.

The Big Guy utterly charmed a classroom of Cherry Hill first graders Tuesday morning as he and his acting education commissioner Chris Cerf promoted “common core” standards to improve student performance.

A father of four clearly at ease around kids, Christie got big laughs (mine included) for his deft handling of one boy’s improbable tale of battling a shark.

Turns out that wasn’t the only fish story of the day.

When it comes to the NJEA, the kinder, gentler governor remains ever ready to bare his teeth.

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