Chris Christie, unfriend.

Chris Christie recently called Andrew Cuomo “my separated at birth twin brother.”

But unlike the Governor of New York, who signed marriage equality into law Friday, Christie believes brotherhood can be separate and unequal.


The ever-rising Republican star – still glowing/gloating over his pension reform triumph – declares himself not a “fan” of gay marriage.

Speaking on Meet the Press, the governor noted that same-sex couples in New Jersey can sign up for civil unions, as if that brand of civil rights lite ought to be as satisfying as the real thing.

Give him this much: Unlike President Obama, who insists on marring a rather admirable gay rights record with his mysteriously “evolving” position on marriage equality, Christie is blunt, if not flippant.

He treats the civil rights of thousands of New Jerseyans like a subject for an “I’m a fan of” page on Facebook.