Chick-fil-A tests Rutgers-Camden market

Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain whose president's fierce opposition to marriage equality sparked boycotts and buy-ins last year,  may open a kiosk in the Campus Center at Rutgers-Camden.

The company is gauging the interest of potential customers in person, through on-campus sales of selected menu items, as well as an online survey

The opening this week of the temporary sales operation, which is set to close Thursday,  has ignited a lively debate on social media sites and has startled some in the LGBT community. 

"For a campus that is so accepting and so diverse in its student and employee population,  and of all  the businesses they could bring in,  they bring in one that is publicly against [our] community," said Vanessa Capella, a junior from Hammonton who identifies as a transsexual woman.

"Coming out as a transsexual is not the easiest thing in the world, as you can imagine," she added. "But the campus has been so accepting, and so the community as a whole has been so overwhelmingly positive, that this is just a shock."

Neither Rutgers-Camden nor Chick-fil-A officials were available for comment.