Friday, April 18, 2014
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Cat can write

Continuing with the Post-Election E-mails That Are Pure Poetry Dept.....

Cat can write

Continuing with the Post-Election E-mails That Are Pure Poetry Dept.....

This came in from David Williams, whom I quoted in a column that ran the day after Election Day, the one headlined "Celebrating the End of the Bush Years."

He's the guy I found at my polling place, carrying a magazine article that showed a slumped W watching McCain on TV under the headline, "The Final Days."

Mr. Williams, the super of a couple apartment buildings, and a person of color, wrote:

Back in 1958 my love for America was much like that of an adolescent, but seeing Her warts had-over the years- caused that infatuation to fade. Many times in the last decade I've said, "I still love America, but not like I used to." The election of Obama has filled me with so much pride for my country, not because he is black, but because most of those who elected him are not.

Now, as in mature love, seeing America and all Her warts with new eyes, I feel I love Her again like I used to. Maybe more.

Keeping writing like that and you could put me out of business.

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