Cancel My Subscription

We had an editor who was famous around these parts for informing an irate phone caller, "Madame, if you don't calm down, I'm going to have to cancel your subscription."

This comes to mind with my latest e-mail, from a retired General Motors employee, who decided his latest cost-cutting will come from ending his daily relationship to the Inquirer.

And this because of today's column, an ode to our 17-year-old clunker named Bessie, which ends with me buying a Honda.

Wrote he: "There used to be tens of thousands of GM, Ford  and Chrysler  employees in "The Inquirer" area. 
Almost all of them are gone.  Hopefully, a Honda employee in Japan will take out a new subscription
to your newspaper."
That my Honda was made in East Liberty, Ohio, of all places, by Americans, and sold in Willow Grove, by Americans, doesn't count for enough.
I wrote back, suggesting he try to find happiness elsewhere and recommending that he not stop the driver of every foreign-looking car and determining his or her place of employment and then threatening to boycott whatever products it made. I also said that those of us in threatened manufacturing sectors have to spend our money on what's going to last the longest. I didn't say anything about those Cadillac-quality health care benefits that caused so much trouble for the good GMers.
Anyway, here's to Bessie, and the new car, which the kids haven't yet named.
Didn't know until recently that Neil Young wrote this about HIS old clunker.