Camden County's potty-mouthed freeholder apologizes

Camden County freeholder Ian Leonard, whose profane remarks at a recent public meeting are being assailed by county Republicans, says he's sorry for his scatological words.

But he makes no apologies for the passion he insists overtook him after he heard a citizen complain about a lack of job opportunities for ex-offenders in Camden.


Leonard also says he is outraged by the horrific number of homicides and other major crimes in Camden, which he insists demonstrate the necessity for a countywide police force.


Is it ever acceptable for a public official to curse in public?

And he notes that a full video (below) includes the context for his remarks, which was omitted in the GOP's edited version, now playing on YouTube.

By phone, Leonard tells me the county does hire ex-offenders, but holds them to rigorous standards.  Excuses ( or as he says on video, "b-------") are not accepted, and those who fail to measure up are terminated ("I fire their a--").

The lengthier video is below; Leonard's remarks begin at 3:10.