Camden's latest rescuer

A slender, youthful-looking fellow who might pass for a recent college grad, Camden's latest schools superintendent arrives with a compelling personal history.

But I respectfully suggest that Paymon Rouhanifard's early childhood in post-revolutionary Iran, youthful years near  Nashville and professional coming-of-age in New York City and Newark cannot possibly have prepared him for what lies ahead.

He's about to earn a Ph.d from the University of Hard Knocks in America's Most (insert dramatic/dire adjective) City.

In recent years the noble and not-so-noble aspirations of many a would-be rescuer, some from inside but often sent from outside Camden's eight-or-so square miles, have faded, been frustrated, or ended in failure in the City Invincible.

So welcome to Camden, State Superintendent Rouhanifard. And the very best of luck to you.

You're going to need it.