Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bury Bin Laden's Photo at Sea

I also believe Elvis is dead, and we walked on the moon. But aliens live among us. (See: Trump)

Bury Bin Laden's Photo at Sea

I don't want to see it. I don't want anyone else to see it. I need no more proof. I believe he was killed, unarmed apparently, and I believe he was buried at sea in accordance with his religion's tradition.

It was a clever way to make him disappear down the rabbit hole forever. Talk about a cleansing.

What would be served by showing Bin Laden, with a portion of his face blown off?

It doesn't bring back the innocent dead.

Should the U.S. release photos or video of bin Laden's body, which reportedly has bullet wounds to the head?
Not sure

It might haunt the living.

And the gruesome image will surely inflame those who took umbrage at the publication of a mere cartoon of the prophet Muhammad.

Yes, conspiracy theorists might never rest. Let them work themselves in circles. They'll see him with Elvis at the 7-Eleven. They'll Photoshop moon-landing pictures to include the gangly Public Enemy.  Let them.

I'm not naive. I believe that aliens walk among us. (See: Trump)

Bury the money shot at sea. 

UPDATE: Looks like I've got company. The Defense Secretary and the Secretary of State share my concern.

SECOND UPDATE: Case closed. The president announces he won't release the photograph.

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