Bill saves Barack

Only a Democratic deity like Bill Clinton could save the dismal second day of his party’s convention, which featured Elizabeth Warren and scenes of delegates booing … God.

The hellacious optics of all that will live in infamy; given the themes/memes of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, perhaps only a voice vote against hardworking immigrant moms in the military would have been worse.

Instead, the former president – sounding hoarse but looking fit beneath his crown of white – enabled the Charlotte faithful to end their day on a much-needed note of uplift.

The sermon was vintage Clinton, meaning the garrulous, gifted old pro said something about pretty much everything. (For a conservative reality check on big Bill's big night, read the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin here).

Faced with having to flesh out the alterna-narrative -- Barack Obama, peerless quarterback of the long game -- the Dems hope will neutralize the GOP's "are you better off" mantra, Clinton was deft. And he adroitly called out the far-right's gospel, which demonizes compromise (and Obama) as piously as the Republican party's platform preaches us vs. them.