Better safe

The over-reaction to the purported over-reaction to Irene is, well, predictable.

According to some political and media snarksters, politicians (the source of all our ills) and the media (a close second) looked into the eye of a potentially catastrophic hurricane late last week and concocted a conspiracy to … what, exactly?

Ruin our weekends?

Boost battery sales?

Do their jobs?

Sure, there was a bit of drama queen-age to some of the reporting.

But fears that seemed silly beneath Sunday’s blue skies were quite real on Saturday evening, when no one yet knew what we now know about Irene’s impact .

As darkness and rain fell, I felt gratitude for the efforts of everyone from Gov. Chris Christie to WPVI-TV’s Adam Joseph, from my Philadelphia Media Network colleagues to my gang on Facebook and Twitter.

Nice work, people.

Don’t believe the hype.