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Sixer_inq_1 Was one of the 12,676 (paid) sports fans who watched the Sixers play last night. Embarassed to say, but this was the first NBA game I remember going to. Couldn't get or afford Celtics tickets growing up, so my only brush with then-greatness was having Sam Jones live in my town, and I'd see him once or twice a year taking his son (Aubrey?) to Little League. When he left the team, he sold his house to the Reggie Smith, as I remember, so we still had at least one black family. I wouldn't pay to see the green these days.

What surprised me last night?  Aside from the typical geezer reactions? ("They look like kids," I said to The Professor, who has season tickets and sported me one in exchange for beers and a gruesome Italian sausage floated in some sort of pale yellow medium. "They are kids," he replied.)

That the music never stops - except for during foul shots. That people of all colors turn out and mix naturally. 550pxbladerunner_spinner_billboard_1 That when I was looking for what the arena reminded me of, I first thought the circus, and then settled on Blade Runner's LA of the near-future where ads appear on every surface, and something crams every corner of the streetscape, and vies for your attention. That the band of light that rings the hall and showed shards of the American flag during the Anthem is used to flash ads for the rest of the game. That Allen Iverson plays harder than anyone I've seen since late '70s Springsteen.

Afterward, Glen MacNow was asking callers on WIP-AM why the turnout was so low. (It was 60-percent full, if that) Yeah, mid-week; yeah a weak Portland team with no brand-name players; yeah the holiday had just passed. But Philadelphians seem to give up on teams they don't think will win it all, MacNow argued. Is that it? I thought it was great entertainment, although If you'd asked me to pay $52 for my seat I might still be thinking about it.

There must be Sixers blogs out there, although I couldn't tell you the name of one. What is it?

Posted 11/30/2005 09:50:00 AM

I've been to several pre-season games and a couple of regular season games so far [a good friend has season tix] and we've both noticed how nearly empty it's been so far.

Posted 11/30/2005 10:51:13 AM

Not solely a Sixers blog, but I write a Philly sports blog -- opinion oriented, not news. Sixers should dominate now that the Birds and TO are "done." Also, there's a link to my month-long poll on the best sports talker. (One more day -- would love suggestions for Dec.) Sorry for the shameless plug...but couldn't resist.

Posted 11/30/2005 11:06:34 AM

Allen Iverson is incredible. Although, sometimes, he just comes down and shoots, which is fine if he makes it, but if he misses, the other team has the ball usually (except last night with all the O boards the sixers got), so the other team ends up scoring 2-4 quick points. But, watching him go through the middle, against the big guys, extending an arm and getting a high bank off the backboard... or faking the drive and stopping for a fade away jumper that no one can block... or sacrificing the body and getting to the line, most of the time for 2, except when he manages to make an impossible shot. It's fun to watch :)

Posted 11/30/2005 12:24:49 PM and are out there, but neither really update frequently enough to get much linkage. I throw up a Sixers post every now and then.

Posted 11/30/2005 02:49:42 PM

Despite not living in the area anymore, I do a lot of Sixers posts, and I noticed last night watching on league pass how empty it was. But I don't think it's anyone giving up yet. The NBA season's so long, I think people don't really get into it until football's over, no matter how the Eagles are doing. That and a lot of working-class fans are priced out of going. Even if you get the cheapest seats (which aren't all that cheap), there's the $10 for parking, the $5 for a soda, etc...At least the Center puts on a good show during the game.

Posted 11/30/2005 05:13:48 PM

I liked the NBA growing up. Now, paint drying has more entertainment value for the most part.

Posted 06/16/2006 10:16:46 AM

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